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Infinite Banking

Infinite banking is the practice of over-funding a permanent life insurance policy so you can borrow against its cash value.

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Types of Life Insurance

Understanding Infinite Banking

Infinite banking involves the strategic over-funding of a permanent life insurance policy, allowing for borrowing against its accumulated cash value. It serves as an alternative financing avenue compared to traditional loans.

This approach offers numerous benefits, such as convenient access to funds during emergencies, adaptable loan terms, and potential tax advantages. However, it is a nuanced strategy demanding meticulous planning to maximize its advantages. We strongly advise consulting a reliable financial advisor before embarking on infinite banking.

The mechanics of infinite banking hinge on several distinctive features of life insurance:

Here is a scenario illustrating how it works:

Suppose you have been regularly contributing premiums to a whole life insurance policy, accumulating a cash value of $5,000. You decide to book a $3,500 summer vacation, but realize the hefty interest rates and fees associated with your credit card. To leverage infinite banking, you request a policy loan. Upon verification of available funds, the insurance company issues a check or processes an electronic transfer, typically within a week. You use this amount to settle your vacation expenses, benefiting from a lower, simple interest rate of usually 5% to 8%, while the borrowed sum continues to grow within your life insurance policy.

To embark on the infinite banking concept, follow these steps:

  1. Secure a cash value life insurance policy through an insurance agent.
  2. Designate your life insurance beneficiaries.
  3. Maintain regular premium payments.
  4. Once your cash value aligns with your financial needs, request a policy loan.
  5. Receive the loan proceeds tax-free and directly deposited into your bank account.
  6. Utilize these funds as needed for your financial requirements.

Determining the Adequate Funding for Infinite Banking

There is no fixed amount required for infinite banking to be effective; it varies based on individual financial objectives and timelines. Whether you aim to accumulate funds gradually for future cash flow needs or require immediate access influences the premium payments.

For instance, aiming to accumulate $5,000 over several years for future cash flow may necessitate lower premiums compared to those seeking immediate utilization. A general guideline is to aim for accumulating $5,000 within the desired time frame, with the monthly premium adjusted accordingly. For instance, requiring $5,000 in three years would entail monthly contributions of around $140.

Selecting the Appropriate Life Insurance Type for Infinite Banking

For infinite banking, a cash value life insurance policy—also known as permanent life insurance—is essential. Such policies encompass:

Given the reliance on accessible cash value, dividend-paying whole life insurance often emerges as the most suitable option. Its guaranteed cash value growth, coupled with non-guaranteed dividend growth, aligns well with the infinite banking concept. While other cash value insurance policies are viable, they entail varying degrees of risk and lack guarantees.